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What We Do

Country Property Search Land Lavender Fields
Country Property Search Costwold home

We search for, consult upon and acquire prime country property


We proactively seek prime property using a network of sources established over many years. Around 70% of our property transactions are off-market .


Our client relationships are imperative to search success. From understanding the vision, the future lifestyle, the goal, through to investment strategy and desire for change.


We provide unbiased advice with no conflict of interest, representing our clients and presenting them as the best buyers in a highly competitive market.

Through our own knowledge, experience and expertise, we will ensure that you don’t just buy a property but that you buy well.


We consider all aspects such as planning potential, property listings advice and factors affecting value both now and in the future. We also advise upon income potential, subsidies and grants and monetisation of the assets.

Local knowledge is important. From understanding the commuter ‘rat runs’ to the good pubs, schools and local amenities. We can advise on the appointment of relevant industry experts from Planning Consultants, Architects, land and estate Managers and Solicitors to building contractors, trades and estate staff.


Property Search

Establishing the brief - fully understanding your requirements and objectives. Identifying and sourcing some of the UK's finest property utilising a 'black book' of contacts, private approach and established network of contacts

Rental Search

We source and negotiate rental properties for short term rental during a search to facilitate a cash purchase position, prior to purchase completion or whilst works are carried out or longer term rental solutions.

Contiguous Asset Aquisition

Assistance with the acquisition of property / land associated with or neighbouring that already owned by a client e.g. woodland, amenity land, grazing, land for further development.


A full Consultancy service either following on from the Property Search, upon existing property assets or property identified by / sourced by the client

Equestrian and Sporting Estates

We have extensive equestrian experience and provide advice on the purchase of equestrian facilities. We advise on the purchase of land for sporting estates.

Investment Property

Search and acquisition of second homes, rental investments, land or property for commercial development

Annabel worked tirelessly from the very beginning of our search. She found us a complete wildcard property, not at all what we had imagined. She has added more value to the process than we could ever have thought, and would have given up long before now if we hadn't had her support and guidance. 

Mark and Amanda Geday

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